demetri saves the day

this week started out quite annoyingly: I was trapped by the occasional monday morning blues but this time it lasted until last night so I had to come up with a plan to avoid the mood to be present for the whole week and thereby eventually spoil it.  the -as it turned out – very fine idea that came to my mind was to pick Demetri Martins „these are jokes“ cd to accompany me on the everyday 45min ride to work.

Although I´m familiar with it I had not listened to it for several months and was charmed again by the fine comedy art provided and the also quite charming atmosphere of the featured live setting (though one must note that the audience was very grateful, acknowledging almost every word with laughter). But nevertheless:

This morning I arrived with an unobtrusive smile on my face reflecting my cheered up mood and my focus for the day: to conquer it with a lightened heart and widely awakened mind.  So anyone with a profound sense for fine humour is recommended to give this fine artist a try, the others will know what I´m writing about !


if the mindfucking mood is persevering I recommend listening to Swings Kids´ „disease“ VERY loud and just blow that fucked up mind for a good three minutes 🙂

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