Avoiding the moroNation: A modest proposal on how not to craft business cards OR: you can create great products with moo.com so make sure to use that option wisely!

Attempting the competition at:

There are a many different „how to´s“ for making the perfect business card. After I played around with some ideas and testing the service resulting in a rather ambivalent set of business cards I took notice of moos recent competition and  thought: why not try it the other way ´round? So here is my: How NOT to do it.

1. Communicating the main message

Offensively stating the obvious may be humorous at first glance, but at second its quite lame.  It may be an excuse that you refer to an off the hook folk parody song by New Zealands greatest Flight of the Conchords:

But since its quite unhandy to tell the whole story every time you pass a card, the fine idea appears to be a self-centered joke. Omit it!

2.  Presenting the main info

Though I must say that the layout itself truly rules it is questionable if the recipient of your card really needs a reminder of how you look after you fooled around with image editing. And as long as you do not want to apply for a job becoming a model for sunglasses it may be worth a second thought it you want to use a photo like this. I´d say: rather not!

3.  Drawing the main conclusion

You should keep in mind that you´ll generally encounter people who will not share your sense of humor or aesthetic feel right away [let alone wanting to view a video right after getting your card!]. So before feeling awkward when pulling an incongruous card creating an improper situation just focus on what is really necessary: how you want to be contacted.

Thanks. And have fun passing cards!

PS: Infos zum Wettbewerb im Moo-Blog: Winning Words.

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